Human Design Guide

        I am very happy that I can share this beautiful knowledge called Human Design with you. My first contact with this system was in the summer of 2012 and from that moment on, it still offers me precious information that I live by each day. 

       I think that this sistem is for everyone, from babies to seneours, and even though you just scrach the surface, some simple advices from this system can bring beautiful changes in someone's life. For example, a mom can find out about her chid the fact that that he neds to go to sleep before he is tired, or about her husband, who needs to consume all his energy before going to bed. So we have two charts, two different people. Why is it so important to know this kind of stuff? When we know the interior dynamic of someone, we stop taking everything personaly. Some aspects are just simply compatible with us, some are not. And when we realize this, we make room for understanding and then respect not only the needs of others but also our own!


Who are we?

  We are made from neutrinos, the so called "star dust".

       Someone's Human Design Chart consists of the following items:

  • thirteen subconscious themes (red - the body) and thirteen conscious themes (black - personality) which come from I Ching.
  • these themes are strictly linked to the position of the planets on the astrological sky at the moment of one's birth (black) and before (red).
  • the nine centers and the channels belong to the nine chakras and the Tree of Life (Kabbalah).


Here's an exemple:



For me Human Design is an art, the art of a beautiful and authentic living!
It is a way to constantly hold you within your own autenticity!