2 March 2018

The 4 Signatures and the 4 Not-Self Themes

      In Human Design there are 4 Signatures and 4 Not-Self Themes:

- Peace/Anger (for Manifestors),

- Satisfaction/Frustration (for Generators),

- Success/Bitterness (for Projectors) and

- Surprise/Disappointment (for Reflectors).

But what does that mean? And how can this information help us? 

The Signature:

   You are in a state of total alignment with your true nature, with who you really are. It’s much more than a feeling. When you drop everything that you are really not (all the masks that we’re used to wear), your light will automatically shine. Why automatically and not with some effort from your part? Because it’s already in your nature (to be Peace, Satisfaction, Success, Surprise)! 

The Not-Self Themes:

   These are the ones that show us when we are not in alignment with our true nature. It is interesting to see that even though we feel this way, we are very resilient to drop what got us into that situation. For example, when a Manifestor feels anger, he should probably just stop everything and think: “Why am I feeling this why? What had happened? Am I on my true path? etc.” But, no, what does he do? Keep pushing further, (like if a basket full of candies is waiting for him at the end of the line ☺️) becoming full of anger and dropping exhausted. I really don’t know why we don’t stop at the first signs of this Not-Self themes… Maybe it’s because sometimes, the pressure from the outside is too great and everything happens too quickly and we don’t give ourselves time to reflect on it.


   Of course, we can feel a lot of different emotions, like being a Projector full of anger, or a Generator full of peace, but the Signature and the Not-Self Themes are here to show us exactly and specifically when we are on the right path or not.


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