13 January 2018

Emotional wave

     The emotional wave is very different from one person to another. Even when we say to a couple of friends “you are all emotional defined”, we have to also add how that wave it’s going to express itself for each one of them. It’s different in every chart we look.

First, with what are emotions connected to in the chart? It is from root to emotional? Or it is from emotional to ego? Or both? Or from emotional to throat? And so on…

Second, it’s this channel:

  • Collectiv (wave type: desire –> excitement – disappointment)?
  • Individual (wave type: passion –> acustic – spark)?
  • Tribal (wave type: need –> connection – touch)?

  We can now see that having a conection between emotional and ego (tribal), can be very diferent than having the root connected to emotional by a collective channel, both charts having emotional as authority.

  In a chart there are 4 motors, I colored them here in red. As you can see, emotional center can connect with each one of them. It’s a very powerful motor, but, in my opinion, it’s the hardest to understand. It is the only one from this 4 motors who is also an awareness center (along with Ajna and Splenic center) 

Listen to your chemistry! What does it say? How do you feel?



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